Real Estate Backstory: How to Revive a Stale Listing & Other Real Estate News

How to Revive a Stale Listing

Real Estate Backstory: How to Revive a Stale Listing & Other Real Estate News

How to Revive a Stale Listing: Insights from the Real Estate Backstory

The real estate market is ever-evolving, with trends, challenges, and opportunities arising regularly. In a recent episode of the “Real Estate Backstory” video series, Alan and Ming Richardson, seasoned professionals in the industry, shared invaluable insights on various topics, including how to breathe new life into a stale listing.

Americans are Moving Longer Distances

One of the key takeaways from the video is that Americans are now moving over much longer distances. This trend underscores the importance of having a robust referral network for agent-to-agent referrals and ensuring a strong online presence so potential clients can easily find you.

Baby Boomers: A Dominant Force in Buying

Interestingly, baby boomers have surpassed millennials as the primary force in home buying. With significant equity from selling their homes, they are making substantial down payments, often in cash.

New Construction: A Ray of Hope

New constructions account for about 31% of the total inventory, indicating a bright spot in the market. However, the overarching challenge remains the lack of inventory, especially with rising interest rates.

Reviving a Stale Listing: Practical Tips

A significant portion of the video was dedicated to strategies for reviving listings that aren’t selling:

  1. Re-evaluate the Price: Ensure the price is set based on current market conditions and comparable properties.
  2. Update Photos: High-quality photos can make a significant difference. Consider hiring a professional real estate photographer.
  3. Review Feedback: Utilize tools like ShowingTime to gather feedback from potential buyers.
  4. Revamp the Listing Description: Make it engaging and ensure it accurately describes the property.
  5. Reassess Marketing Strategies: Are you leveraging social media, agent blasts, and open houses effectively?


The Power of Staging and Presentation

The presentation of a property plays a crucial role in its appeal. Proper staging, combined with high-quality photos, can significantly enhance a listing’s attractiveness.

The Importance of Continuous Learning

The video also highlighted the upcoming Tom Ferry Summit, emphasizing the value of continuous learning in the real estate industry. Such events provide a wealth of knowledge, offering agents fresh perspectives and innovative strategies.

Trends in Home Colors and Values

Zillow’s study on home colors revealed that gray kitchens tend to sell for more, while white walls might decrease a home’s value. Understanding such trends can be invaluable when advising clients on preparing their homes for sale.

The State of the Market

Despite challenges like rising interest rates, the real estate market remains robust. With a rising population and a positive net inflow of people moving into areas like Georgia, demand remains high. However, there’s a notable decrease in new listings, making it even more crucial for agents to strategize effectively.

In conclusion, the real estate market, with all its intricacies, offers numerous opportunities for those willing to adapt and learn. For a deeper dive into these insights and more, consider watching the entire video here.


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