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It doesn’t matter if you’re working your 1st deal or your 100th, Maximum One gives you the support, tools, and flexibility you need to succeed.

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What Can Maximum One Give You?

01 More Freedom

At Maximum One Realty, you have the freedom and support to run your business as a true CEO

From the commission you charge clients to the meetings you attend, you have the freedom to call the shots.  There are no sales quotas or mandatory meetings, because you should be able to manage your business in a way that gives more time and money.

We believe in agents supporting agents. 

Partner with us, and let our team of real estate experts work with you to enhance your market intelligence and develop a business plan that targets your goals. 

Grow your business how and when you want.  

02 More Technology and Support

Maximum One® Realty is a full-service brokerage.  We have real offices with dedicated support staff that are available to assist you from the time you generate a lead to the time you make a close.

Our kvCORE package comes complete with CORE Video, CORE Present, (add-on’s with other brokerages) to run your entire business from a single login, Paperless Pipeline transaction management, lead-generation, telecom, and listing input solutions, give you the ability to manage and run your business with simplicity and efficiency.  Generate and track leads, create visually appealing marketing collateral, and access our expansive digital resource and training library at any time from anywhere.

03 More Resources

In addition to our extensive digital training library, Georgia Real Estate Academy (GARE), our very own educational institute, offers agents free Continuing Education (CE) and customized educational programs that you can attend virtually and/or in-person

Our instructors—experienced real estate professionals—incorporate real life business experience and industry best practices to deliver meaningful training, keeping you up-to-date on what’s what for your business.

04 More Wealth

Agents are the center of our values and culture, which is why we believe in true profit-sharing:  You make and keep more of your money.  Period. 

At Maximum One®, we don’t do steep commission splits or excessive fees.  Our monthly fees and transaction fees, are unbeatable,  which means you profit MORE on each transaction and pay less than you would at other full-service brokerages.

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