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With Maximum One® you can pursue your dreams and keep MORE of YOUR commission at the broker that gives you the support, tools, and flexibility you need to succeed.

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Maximum One Gives You Everything You Need
In A Broker AND More Money In Your Pocket

Flexible Agent Plans That Are As Unique As You

Whether you are just getting started or are a top producer, Maximum One has a plan that will help you achieve your goals faster than any other brokerage.

An Environment Of Support And Learning

Join a thriving network of agents who guide, support, and celebrate each other. Continue to grow through our ongoing free live trainings, and mentorship programs.

Effective Tools And Training To Help You Succeed

As a Maximum One agent, you will have access to the cutting edge tools that help you market your business, nurture your clients, and maximize your potential

Maximize Your Career With Maximum One

Maximum One was founded on the core principle that agents are owners – of their businesses and of their futures. From the top to the bottom, you’ll see that we treat our agents like family and like the owners they are.

  • Our books are open to any active agent. Just ask!
  • You are your own CEO – run your business the way YOU want.
  • Help guide the future of Maximum One.
  • Share in the profits of the company.
  • No mandatory meetings or kool-aid rallies -just results.
  • Multiple plans to suit your goals- all of them designed to help you KEEP MORE COMMISSION!

Our Agents Have The Tools They Need To Succeed

When you become a Maximum One Real Estate Agent you are given the tools you need to succeed including full brokerage services, advanced marketing and lead generating services including kvCORE and Chime, a full-time and experienced support team, state-of-the-art paperless technology, personalized agent websites, and access to an active online group where Maximum One agents ask and answer questions and encourage each other. Everything at Maximum One is at your fingertips including Bridge Interactive Dual MLS, Free for all Maximum One Listings, as well as exposure on 67+ websites like Trulia, Zillow, Googlebase, Yahoo, HotPads, and more … all AUTOMATED and free.

Here Are Some Of The Tools & Resources Available To You:

kvCORE marketing for agents
Maximum One gives you access to kvCORE, the #1 rated real estate platform that is built to power your career with next-generation technology to help you succeed.
Paradym Agent Marketing
Real Estate Marketing, VisualTours, Tour Automation and the Mobile Media Suite make Paradym the choice marketing solution for Realtors.
Voice Pad
From a single platform, VoicePad enables real estate Brokerages, Teams and Agents nationwide to provide property information from ANY mobile device
Chime Marketing For Agents
Nurture leads, get more leads, and improve your productivity with Chime - offered to all Maximum One agents!
Bank Shot is the easiest way for an agent to get paid
Bank Shot
The easiest way to pay in real estate. Send and receive funds via digital check, ACH, and other payment options in under 24 hrs.
Paperless Pipeline is better real estate transaction management software for high-volume brokers, teams, and transaction coordinators.
Paperless Pipeline
Paperless Pipeline is better real estate transaction management software for high-volume brokers, teams, and transaction coordinators. I
The Maximum One Rock Stars is a exclusive group of supportive agents helping each other succeed.
Rock Stars
Every agent has access to Maximum One Rock Stars - an active community where knowledgable and supportive agents help each other succeed every day.

Maximum One Is More Than Just A Full-Service Broker.
We Are A Community Of Professionals Succeeding Together

Maximum One Cares

People come first at Maximum One, and we support each other through life’s challenges and celebrate life’s victories.

Community Outreach

Serving our community goes far beyond selling houses. Each month Maximum One agents join forces to support many worthy causes.

Active Online Community

Have a question? Need guidance on how to handle a complex situation? Ask your fellow agents in our thriving online community and get answers and feedback fast.

Social Events

We don’t believe in mandatory meetings, but we do believe in fun. Real estate can feel like a solo endeavor, but spending time with collegues and friends will energize you to tackle whatever comes next.

Free GREC-Certified Trainings

An empowered and educated agent is a MAXIMIZED agent. We host hundreds of hours of live in-person and online classes to keep you sharp, current, and compliant - and give you a chance to meet new friends.

Mentorship and Leadership

The leaders at Maximum One are not in an ivory tower living off the efforts of their agents. We’re on the ground with you, helping our agents succeed every day.

Keep More Commission With Flexible Plans
As Unique As You Are

Whether you are just getting started or are a top producer, Maximum One has a plan that will help you achieve your goals faster than any other brokerage. At Maximum One, there are no ‘gotchas’ – choose the plan that works for you; 100% commission, 80/20, simple fee, and more! We even have plans tailored to commercial transactions and newly licensed agents.

Plan A: Simple Transaction Fee
Plan B: 80/20
Plan C: 100% Commission

See All The Options

$70.00 per month
  • $450 per transaction
  • No cap
  • $25 Corporate Support Fee (CSF) paid per transaction
  • E&O billed separately at $24.40/mo or $242/yr
  • GAMLS optional at additional $20/mo
  • Contact us for additional information
$50.00 per month
  • 80/20 Commission Split (Agent retains 80%)
  • $6,000 cap
  • Corporate Support Fee (CSF) included until capped, then $25 per transaction until agent rollover anniversary
  • E&O included
  • GAMLS optional at additional $20/mo
  • Contact us for additional information
$475.00 per month
  • Agent retains 100% commission
  • $25 Corporate Support Fee (CSF) paid per transaction
  • E&O included
  • GAMLS optional at additional $20/mo
  • Contact us for additional information
$82.00 per year
  • 80/20 Referral Fee Spit (Agent retains 80%)
  • No cap
  • $25 Corporate Support Fee (CSF) paid per transaction
  • No E&O
  • No FMLS or GAMLS access
  • Contact us for additional information
Monthly fee based on chosen plan above (A,B, or C)
  • 92/8 commission split (Agent retains 92%)
  • No cap on commercial transactions
  • $25 Corporate Support Fee (CSF) paid per transaction
  • Contact us for additional information on commercial transactions
New Licensee: Closed less than 3 transactions since licensed
  • 60/40 commission split with mentor on 1st three (3) transactions, then MX1 fee from your 60% based on plan
  • Contact us for additional information
0 Transactions in 5+ years / Not practiced in GA for 2+ years
  • 90/10 split with Mentor for 1 Transaction then MX1 fee from your 60% based on Plan
  • Contact us to review our full mentor policy and agreement and for additional information

At Maximum One®, you have a choice if you want to join a Board of REALTORS® or not. There are no differences in fees or services with respect to Maximum One, simply a different ICA – one for our “REALTOR®” company (MXGR) that references being a member of a Board or one for our “Realty” company (MXGA) that does not require Board Membership. There are numerous additional benefits & perks associated with local, Georgia & National Associations of REALTORS® that you should investigate including access to the GAR Legal Helpline & access to REALTORS® Property Resource (RPR) – click here for more information on RPR!

Therefore, Maximum One has two divisions – MXGA – Non-Board/Realty & MXGR – Board/Realtor. We have separate Qualifying Brokers for each company to comply with the GREC rules. Additionally, you need to know that there are two sets of contracts used throughout the state, “GAR Forms” which are copyrighted by the Georgia Association of REALTORS® & the “RE Forms” with no copyright requirement to pay for their use. The GAR forms have been in existence in one format or another for over 25 years, the RE Forms have been around since 2012. Due to this time frame, currently the majority of agents in Atlanta use and are way more familiar with the GAR forms. You are free to use any set of contract forms your client chooses. The RE Forms are available to all agents in Georgia for no cost; the GAR forms are no additional cost IF you are a Board member or you may pay GAR directly a fee for an annual license agreement to use the forms ($259 in 2023.) Both sets of forms are accessible through FMLS & GAMLS – GAR only if you are a Board Member or if you have paid for the right to use them. Board dues range from the mid $300s to $500. If you are interested in joining a Board, please contact them directly for more specific information. Regardless of your choice, we highly encourage Maximum One agents to use the GAR contracts in order to help their clients have the best opportunity of their offer being presented in the best light!

Maximum One belongs to several Boards of REALTORS®® throughout the city and our agents have the option of joining any one of these Boards: They are all listed here: Click for List of Boards of REALTORS®You MUST choose a Board that we already belong to.

All plans (except Commercial Transactions) have a Non-Guaranteed Annual Cap of $6,000 so you do not over pay the Brokerage. What that means is that out of your portion you pay the Brokerage, you never pay more than $6,000 in an anniversary year. If you pay in less than $6,000 to the Brokerage, you DO NOT pay the difference. All successful Residential Sale Closings which are listed in FMLS or are supposed to be listed in FMLS are subject to an FMLS .12% fees which will be taken out of commission checks during disbursement. All fees generated to Broker are subject to splits above with exception of BPO’s & any compensation from home warranty companies. These fees are disbursed to agents once per month in their entirety. For Transaction Fee plans, on smaller fees charged and collected by the agent (under $1,200) the split is 25/75 (agent retains 75%) with 25% going towards cap. With our fees amongst the lowest in the industry, there are no exemptions for agent-owned transactions (regardless if you take a commission or not) or transactions where you take $0.00 commission. If you collect $0.00 in commission on a transaction (your own or any other) your transaction fee is based your plan on 3% of the commission for a sale or the co-op fee for a lease (see policy manual.) There is a $25 Corporate Support Fee (CSF) on every transaction for every agent involved if they receive a “check” and there is no cap on these Royalty Fees. These royalties go to M.O.R.E. Corp., which is the parent company and will be used for the betterment of the entire MAXIMUM ONE® network of companies.

Please contact us for additional information on which option is right for you.

Not sure which path makes sense for you? Send us a noteThat’s what we’re here for!

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