Understanding the Importance of Pets in Real Estate

Understanding the Importance of Pets in Real Estate

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Pets are becoming an essential part of households. People are considering pets as family members, and hence, it is essential to understand their importance in real estate. However, real estate agents often underestimate the significance of pets in a buyer’s decision-making process. We will be discussing the importance of pets in real estate in this blog.

Pets are a Big Deal

Buyers and sellers today, and clients, in general, are big pet lovers. It is estimated that 63% of clients have a pet or plan to have one in the future. This makes pet ownership a significant factor to consider while buying or selling a property. According to a survey, 43% of US households are willing to move or change their living situation to accommodate their pets. This indicates that people are passionate about pets and are ready to make significant changes in their life to keep them happy.

Understanding Pet Needs

Buyers with pets are particular about their living conditions. A fenced yard is a must-have for many pet owners. A home that provides enough space for the pet and the family is also a necessity. Some pet owners even look for dog parks nearby, so their pets can get sufficient exercise. Flooring is another crucial aspect to consider while keeping pets in mind. Many pet owners opt for luxury vinyl plank flooring instead of wooden flooring, which can get stained easily.

Preparation for Showings

Sellers should take precautions while showing their property to potential buyers. All pets must be removed from the house during showings, even if the pets are docile. Buyers are not comfortable around pets, and leaving them behind can lead to negative feedback. Moreover, some people may have allergies, making it essential to remove pets from the house.

Impact of Pets on Real Estate

It is essential to understand the significance of pets in real estate. Pet-friendly homes tend to sell quicker than others. Additionally, pet-friendly homes tend to get a higher price than homes that are not pet-friendly. It is essential to consider the needs of pet owners while selling or buying a property to make the process smoother.

In conclusion, pets are a big deal in real estate. With an increasing number of pet owners, it is essential to consider their needs while selling or buying a property. Pet-friendly homes are becoming more in demand and tend to sell quicker than non-pet-friendly homes. Real estate agents should take note of the importance of pets while dealing with clients to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

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