On Demand Class: 2023 Contracts Review: GAR vs RE Forms

On Demand Class: 2023 Contracts Review: GAR vs RE Forms

This is a sample class from the Real Estate Academy of America hosted by Jay Alexander of Homestar Financial.  Please note, if you want to receive credit for your learning, please sign up for an upcoming free class at keepmorecommission.com/calendar.

This online video course is designed to help real estate agents understand the differences between the Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) and RE forms contracts.

Here are the major topics covered in the course:

  • Overview of the course and materials
  • Explanation of CE credit requirements
  • Licensing agreements for GAR and RE forms
  • Differences between GAR and RE forms contracts
  • Use of outdated forms and potential sanctions.

By the end of the course, agents will have the tools and information to know the differences between GAR and RE Forms, as well as comprehensive understanding of the legal implications and requirements for each.

Watch the entire video for more information here:


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