What REALTORS Should Know About Liens

Education For Real Estate Agents - All About Liens

What REALTORS Should Know About Liens

Thank you to Amanda McGowan & Doug Dean – Closing Attorneys with Shafritz & Dean for explaining all about many types of liens and how they impact a Seller trying to sell a house. Feel free to reach our to Doug & Amanda directly: DDean@Shafritz-Dean.com & AMcGowan@Shafritz-Dean.com or visit www.Shafritz-Dean.com

Download the handout: “What REALTORS Should Know About Liens” – https://maximumonerealty.files.wordpr…

Dana Sparks,
Qualifying Broker, Maximum One Greater Atlanta, REALTORS®
Real Estate Academy of America – Computer Classes – CE & Pre-License: https://georgiarealestateacademy.theceshop.com/real-estate/continuing-education



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